Saturday, August 11, 2012

100 Escudos - Bocage - 1980

Single Digit Repeater
Probabilities: 9/99999 or 1/11111 - Serial number formed with the repetition of a single digit. The solid number is also a palindrome (radar note).

This extremely rare portuguese banknote portrays the romantic poet Manuel Maria Barbosa do Bocage, who was born in Setúbal (1765-1805), a town south of Lisbon, seated on the right with paper, books, pen and ink. Printed in blue, pink and purple. 
The reverse of the note shows a portion of Lisbon - image of Rossio Square as it was in the early 19th century, with crowd scene, printed in blue, pink, red and green. 

First issue: 1980, 2 September                                              Issuing number: 30.944.000
Second issue: 1981, 24 February                                                    Issuing number: 100.400.000
Third issue: 1984, 31 January                                                             Issuing number: 49.948.000
Fourth issue: 1985, 12 March                                                              Issuing number: 29.979.000
Fifth issue: 1985, 4 June                                                                       Issuing number: 20.278.000

Recalled: 1990, 31 May
Banknote with Palindrome serial number (Radar Note) and single digit repeater.

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